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Words of Support From Local Pastor

"I am a pastor of a church that offers ministry in Spanish. While my primary responsibility is to care for the spiritual needs of the people, I am also well aware that this particular community, largely Mexican, but also of other Latin American descent, has many non-spiritual needs too.

"This past year, Mendez Law approached me, offering to give pro-bono legal counsel to the Hispanic Community... To be honest, this offer seemed too good to be true. However, as I have worked with them over these past several months, I have come to see their generous hearts for service and their love for helping those in need. I also have seen the tremendous help they have provided in a variety of legal situations our people find themselves struggling with.

"I cannot recommend Mendez Law highly enough... They have and continue to be a blessing to our community, in an area of service which has pretty much been nonexistent, prior to their arrival into the picture."

Local Pastor

Words of Support From Local Advocate

Mendez Law "provides(s) services for the culturally and linguistically diverse families in our areas who have complex needs and (who) often struggle to access relevant and appropriate legal advice. Attorney Kristina Mendez is a generous/ enthusiastic/motivating/inspiring community resource member."

Bilingual Domestic Violence Advocate